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How do I make my girlfriend swallow my cum?
How do I get her to actually ENJOY eating spunk?

Ok, I know that when men phantasize about getting a blowjob they don’t imagine just a quick nibble and a lick on the head of their penis, they want to throatfuck. I also know that a satisfying blowjob does not end with a polite statement like: "Honey, please take my dick out of your mouth so I can jerk off onto a tissue." Men want to specifically deposit their jizz in various orifices and in some cases on tits and/or faces. I am going one step further here by not only asking how to make the wife/girlfriend ingest your semen but to do so with pleasure. There are different tactics and strategies you might want to consider, I’m starting with the rough stuff (Not for weak stomachs!)

CumTrainer - Cum drinking through funnel

First there’s the brute-force approach. (Listen carefully: I’m NOT recommending you orally or in any other way “rape” your girl, but sex is not always a cuddly affair and quite a few women actually enjoy a little dominance and rough play as long as they can trust you not to cross certain limits). What I’m trying to say is, that it is possible (not necessarily advisable) to make your girl swallow by simply stuffing your dick as far down her throat while you climax, while at the same time making sure she doesn’t gag or choke. You wouldn’t want this to end in a puke-fest, now would you? This may not be the approach your looking for, but for those who're considering this option here are some pointers to get you started. You might want to grab the back of her head to keep her in position while you shoot your load right down her throat. To counter her “withdrawal reflex” (for want of a better word) you’ll have to do some talking though. Say, or grunt or whatever it is you do, that she’s just giving you the orgasm of a lifetime and beg her not to stop. This buys you time to keep pumping the rest of your ejaculate into her stomach while she contemplates your compliment. Just make sure to distract her and do not give her a chance to let the cum dribble out of her mouth! It’s best if you disguise the "keeping her head still" bit as loving caresses. Use one hand to press down on the back of her head while stroking her face gently with the other. It should go without saying that the ideal position for the brute-force tactic is her kneeling in front of you (that’s the one time gravity will actually make a woman’s body more pleasurable) or as an alternative, you lying on top of her, in which case you’ll only have to make sure she doesn’t turn her head to either side to let the good stuff go to waste. I guess it all depends on how agile you are. Again, the key word here is distraction. Flatter her, “caress” her head, give her a reason to wait it out. For f***s sake tell her you “love her so much”, if you can work up the energy that is.

CumTrainer - Drinking cum from glass

At that point you certainly can’t be a 100% sure she’s actually swallowed all of it, but the longer you manage to stay in there the more saliva she’ll produce and since the fluids have nowhere to go but down she won’t have much of a choice. Seal off her mouth even when your dick starts getting soft, by pressing her face and mouth onto your stomach. A nice little trick is to ask her a question like “you have a free wish now, what do you want me to do for you?”. Of course she won’t be able to answer back with your pulsating schlong down her throat, but the thing is that we’re all conditioned to quickly swallow what’s in our mouth when someone asks us something while we’re in the middle of eating or drinking. Just as an aside I’m mentioning the most ruthless possibility to finish off this technique. You could pinch her nose shut when you withdraw your penis from her mouth and watch her gulp down your semen before she gasps for air. Just joking of course. (Actually not, it works). No seriously, just joking. (But it does work… Ah, stop it already!)

On to tactic or in this case rather “strategy” number 2 which is a little easier on your girl’s patience and not nearly as aggressive. I call it the “Fight fire with fire” strategy. (Actually I don’t, it just sounds good). It involves a lot more verbal finesse though. So if your bulging biceps are your main quality as a spouse and lover simply stick to the brute force technique. Your eyes must be getting tired by now anyway. (I’m being mean now) The mantra for strategy number two is: "I will make my girl swallow and she will LIKE it." Sounds impossible? It isn’t, because Britney’s got all the answers for you. It’s a simple reverse psychology trick, so listen up.

CumTrainer - Swallow cum through drinking straw

How often have you stifled a yawn when you heard women talking about sex as simply a small part of the whole relationship-love-respect thingie? How often did you secretly snicker at remarks like “the stronger the LOVE the better the sex”, when you thought it was exactly the other way round? How often have you wondered why women are concerned about "not being respected anymore" once they let you fuck them up the ass when you KNOW that’s where the respect is coming from? (Ok, hopefully not all of it, but be honest, that’s how the male sexuality works, right?) What I’m trying to illustrate here is that we have a serious language problem on our hands. And, yes you guessed it, it’s all about translating the nasty stuff you want and expect from your wife/girlfriend into girl-speak. Here’s something that simply won’t work (especially not on a 3rd date): “Open your fuckmouth you little cumbucket because I’m gonna squirt my hot man-juice down your throat and I expect you to thank me for it when I’m done.” See? That just doesn’t sound right to a woman’s sensitive ears. What you have to do is find images and metaphors that touch female desires. Don’t just get annoyed by what you have to endure from women, use it against them. Sugarcoat your fuck-fantasies and put a little cocktail cherry on top. We gulp down one cocktail after the other just because we love the sweet little red treats that are floating on top of all the ice cubes. Cherry -> Gulp down. Get it? If not, it’s my fault and I’ll stay away from colorful images for at least one paragraph.

Cumonbritney Blog

So here’s the logic: If you think “penetration” say “embracing lovers” instead. If you think “swallow” say “closeness”. If you think “assfuck” say “exploring the boundaries of trust”. I’m sure you’ve gotten my point by now. The more hard-core you phantasize the softer you have to articulate. Unless you’re one of those lucky guys blessed with a nymphomaniac girlfriend you'll have to transform a buttfuck into a “gentle embrace”.
Let me give you a practical example. If your girl has taken contraceptive measures she’ll be more than glad to receive a hot load of sperm inside her vagina. Why? Because it serves a natural purpose. There’s a huge (female) desire attached to vaginal insemination. The desire of pregnancy and the possibility of actually sleeping with a man who "might just be the right one", the "good father" is powerful. I know that’s certainly not what you’re thinking at that moment, but as much as men like to play with fire (prostitutes, affairs, STDs in exchange for instant gratification) so do women. They’re just focused on different topics and they usually don’t act on their desires as instinctively as men do. One possibility in regard to the cum eating question we’re addressing here would be to draw clear parallels between ejaculating into a vagina and ejaculating into the mouth. You’ve got to rewrite biology to suit your needs and come up with romantic images like “no matter which way, it always ends up in your stomach and I’ll be a warm loving part of you (and your body)”. You have to take HER arguments and throw them back in her face. (In a nice way). Why is anal sex for example any different than vaginal? Is she not totally opening up to you. Does she have commitment issues? You trust her, so why doesn’t she totally trust you. If anal sex is so taboo for her then let her explain why anal sex was a hugely popular form of contraception in Victorian England. Let her explain why cum eating is perverse when for many archaic cultures the swallowing of semen was the most logical way of impregnating the female spouse (- The reason we exist is pretty much coincidental I guess). Tell her that she’s arbitrarily defining "good" and "bad" areas on her body (like the stupid erogenous zone behind her ears for example) and that you want to explore ALL of them without exception. You should also ask if she finds your most precious secretion (jizz) disgusting. That should get her into a nice dilemma. In case she says “yes” tell her that you find her pussy juice delicious and that you don’t waste a drop when you go down on her. In the end, all of our secretions aren’t exactly champagne - you have to acquire a taste for them. Let her know that SHE and only SHE is the reason the salty, sticky stuff dribbling out of her vagina turns to honey (in your head).

CumTrainer - Public restroom blowjob

The main argument I’m getting to now is the “waste” argument. Be clear in your statements on how uncomfortable you are just spraying your semen onto bedspreads, into condoms and paper-tissues or whatever. Tell her you find it degrading and wasteful and that making love should differ from masturbation through the “sharing” and caring aspect. Sharing love, pleasure, orgasms, secretions. All of it. She wouldn’t accept a couple of Post-It notes as a conversation, now would she? Closeness is physical by definition.

The whole point of this 2nd strategy (to get a woman to swallow with pleasure) is that she has to get something in return. I don’t mean that in the sense of you performing some reciprocal sex act, but in a metaphysical way. The gratification for swallowing has to and can only take place in her head. She has to feel like the greatest lover you’ve ever had for example or a feeling of power over you would also be a nice incentive. Just imagine her silently contemplating the thought “he won’t cheat on me, because the other girls would never swallow”. If you’re lucky she might even go further and start doubting that logic by thinking “what if… they DO swallow and he’d go as far as… just because I don’t”. See the dynamic in that subtle way of persuasion. Just be prepared, for she might challenge you by asking you to try and swallow your own cum to see how you like it. It has happened and you should have an answer up your sleeve once it comes to that.

I’m coming to the end of my little excursion into cum eating persuasion strategies but I’d like to add a little warning. There’s one thing that usually backfires when people (men) try to spice up the sex life. Don’t trade favors! Don’t go “yeah sure I’m going to eat your pussy for 30 minutes after you’ve swallowed my load”. It just doesn’t work, no matter what you trade. You don’t want her to “get it over with” just because the good part (for her) is coming up. Stay away from this kind of return-on-investment thinking. It kills the pleasure.

As for myself I can say, yes, I’ve been forced to swallow (not in a criminal way though, so put down the phone) and I hated it, I’ve been throatfucked and forced to swallow and I really got off on it on lots of other occasions. I’ve swallowed to say that I loved someone, I’ve swallowed to impress and gain respect. I’ve swallowed out of fear of losing love and I’ve swallowed for money. I’ve swallowed cum from strangers I gave head to in public restrooms (definitely not recommended), I’ve swallowed cum that tasted great and I’ve swallowed cum that consisted of 90% urine and 10% gunk. Eating cum is certainly a physical act but the (dis)pleasure always starts in the head. I’ve asked myself a thousand times why I do it and the simplest answer always pops up first. Because I can.

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